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Fun for Picky Eaters: The Color Food Challenge

Okay! The kids are home, and you are looking for simple yet entertaining fun.

The feeding therapist in me LOVES this game. My kids and I have played a version of this but of course, I prefer my way.

Who is this game for? ANYONE! I will give tips below for working with more sensitive and picky kiddos.

Fun Activity At Home
Fun Activity for Picky Eaters

What you will need:

A game spinner that you can find at the link below

2-3 foods that correspond with each color on the spinner (you may need to get creative for some)

Dry Erase Marker

How to play:

With your dry erase marker, write numbers on the different colors. This will correspond with the # of bites the person has to take of that food.

Decide who will go first. Youngest to oldest always seems to work best in our house. Get your spinner ready. Next, that first player will spin the game spinner. They will land on a color and will need to choose which food they will eat from the foods offered for that color. Once a food is consumed, it is removed from the options corresponding to that color.

Then the next player goes.

If a player refuses to eat their corresponding bites/color, they are out.

The first player to eat something from each color, wins!

At Home Activity
Food Challenge

Tips & Tricks:

-If you have picky eaters, put two likes and one challenging food per color.

-If your child is sensitive to textures or certain flavors, you can change the # of bites to them tolerating touching it, smelling it, or simply bringing it to their lips.

This game isn’t intended to be traumatic for those who struggle with different foods.

-You can also use various textures of the same food. For instance, if you are creating the yellow plate. Rather than have three different yellow foods, you can pick one item and present it in different textures.

For example, you can present a whole banana that they take a bite from. You can present mashed banana they can eat with a spoon, or you can cut up some bite size pieces for them to eat with a fork.

I know my boys absolutely challenging each other in games like this, so if you think your kids can handle it, allow them to help with the food options on the plate!

Who thinks their kids will have fun with this one?! I can’t wait to hear if you try it.

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