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Introducing Solids to Baby: A Stress -Free Start!

Whether you are a new parent or your newest addition is throwing you for a loop when it comes to feeding, the lead up to introducing those first solid foods can cause your head to spin and your stress-levels to rise. You may find yourself reading blogs like this one, watching REEL after REEL to see how other families are doing things, doing internet searches such as "Introducing Solids to my Baby" and second guessing the choices you make as the time to start solids approaches.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH! Also, distance yourself from social media where you will find conflicting approaches and opinions when it comes to what and how to feed your child. Hone in to YOUR child and their behaviors. You will know when they are ready.

Introducing Solids to Baby

In the meantime, here are three simple steps you can take to help with a smooth transition to mealtime before the introduction of solids begins.

Pick the high chair/ booster seat that your child will use!

Look for a seat that provides all around support and a place that their feet can rest to help stabilize them. You will want to get them used to sitting in the seat and enjoying themself. You do not want to introduce two new things at once. Start with small increments of small play tasks using this seat and gradually increase it. I always say that 15 minutes is a good amount of time! Start with 5 minutes and work your way up. This may be easy peasy for some little ones and trickier for others. It is better to know before you begin to introduce food which category your child fits in.

Include your baby in mealtime before they begin their introduction to solids!

Pull that booster/highchair right up to the table with the rest of the family. Place a bottle or empty cup in front of them and let them do their thing while you eat. You can also provide them with handheld toys meant for oral exploration. Including them in mealtime at the table will pique their interest in what you are doing and entice them to want to be apart of the meal. Your baby may even start reaching for items on your plate. This is a good indicator that they are ready to go!

Breast or bottle feed prior to introducing the new food!

You do not want to bring a hungry baby to the table. About an hour before you present them with their solid food, feed them. When they are placed in their seat, you will have a content child that is ready to explore. If need be, after trialing the new food, you can provide milk once more so they can associate this mealtime with a full belly. We want them satisfied and happy!

Hopefully, these three tips ease you and your little one into the transition of starting their new feeding stage. Remember, you want to keep things simple and stress-free. The gradual introductions mentioned above, will add to your confidence going into that first introduction.

If you feel like you need some professional guidance and strategies, I serve families in the North Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville, and Youngsville areas of North Carolina and I am happy to help!

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