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Sensory Play Ideas at Home: Salt Trays

This is a fun sensory activity that is playful and incorporates learning at the same time.

This activity really engages the senses!

You can create various colors.

You should incorporate calming aromas.

You have tactile stimulation.

What you will need:

Salt ( I just grabbed some from the Dollar Tree)

Food dye

Calming essential oils ( Our favorites are Peace & Calming, Stress Away, and Valor)

A cookie sheet or baking dish


Pencil, stick, small objects

To create the colorful, scented salts, pour 2-3 cups of salt into a large Ziplock bag. Add several drops of desired food coloring and allow your child to shake it up until well mixes.

Have a few options of oils available. Let the child smell the oils and pick the one they prefer. Add a few drops of oil to the bag and mix around once more.

Pour the contents onto a baking sheet or a baking dish. You may want a dish for the smaller kiddos.

Pick the activity you are going to work on! Here are some ideas:

-Practicing their uppercase and lowercase letters

-Creating various sounds with their mouth while moving through the salt mixture

-Practicing writing their name.

-Writing down the letter of the sound you provide them.

-Drawing shapes.

-Practicing a spelling list from school.

-Practicing vocabulary by giving the child a definition of the word and having them right the correct word

-Practicing writing their numbers

-Writing math equations

The possibilities are endless! You can have the child use their finger, a pencil, or other simple objects. For the littles, you can simply have them search for objects in the salt. For example, "Can you find the ____, for me?"

By engaging the senses, you make a daunting task less stressful and more fun!

Who thinks that this is simple enough to give it a try?

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