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Pediatric Feeding, Speech, and Language Therapy

Balanced Beginnings Pediatric Therapy is a speech therapy private practice that provides IN- HOME skilled interventions to the pediatric population. With a focus of serving the medically complex population, Balanced Beginnings provides therapy in the areas of feeding, expressive & receptive communication, and  Augmentative & Alternative communication.

This includes infants and children with G-tubes, tracheostomy, and/or children needing professional intervention when it comes to alternative means of communication. 

Skilled intervention is play based in the child's natural environment. This ensures consistent carryover and supports the family in their day to day


We currently serve the areas of Rolesville, Wake Forest, Youngsville, and North Raleigh.

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Pediatric speech and language therapy
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Early intervention speech therapy
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Pediatric Feeding Therapy


Hi there! I am Lauren Huffman. Owner and speech language pathologist at Balanced Beginnings. 

I have a passion for serving the pediatric and medically fragile population when it comes to speech, language, feeding, and AAC services.  I am excited to apply my experience and knowledge of 16 years into Balanced Beginnings Pediatric Therapy. I have experience working with infants through early adulthood. My focus remains on early intervention and the medically fragile population. My professional experiences include providing services in the home, clinic, preschool and medical settings. I have implemented sensory integration techniques into therapy settings, incorporated augmentative communication to assist with communication for nonverbal clients as well as speech and language development for children with speech delays. My experience also includes implementing oral motor/movement techniques to treat feeding and swallowing difficulties/disorders in the pediatric population. I strongly believe in collaborating with family members, caregivers, and medical staff & therapists when implementing therapy techniques and developing treatment goals.

Skilled Interventions:

Balanced Beginnings provides skilled intervention services in the areas of feeding, speech and language development, and augmentative alternative communication. Intervention services are tailored to each client's needs and goals. Therapy sessions are play based and in the child's natural environment to ensure adequate carryover of intervention and growth as well as proper education for the child's parents and caregivers. 

The first step of the intervention process is setting up an evaluation. This allows the therapist to assess the child and determine the appropriate goals and interventions moving forward should therapy be deemed appropriate. 


Feeding & Swallowing


Expressive & Receptive Language Development


 Augmentative  Communication

What families 
are saying: 

“It has been an absolute joy to work with Lauren. She is amazing with my son and he connected with her instantly. She is wonderful at meeting him right where he is and at the same time challenging him and the result has been lots of language and a kid who asks all the time to "See Mrs. Lauren!" Her love of children and passion for what she does is obvious! We are so thankful for her!" - Kate F. 

"Lauren is amazing and dedicated to her clients! Because of Lauren, my little girl learned to eat food, explore textures, and work through her sensory issues. Lauren was a game changer for our family!

-Paige W.

"I have a non verbal child with a trach and gtube. Lauren came into our lives as a feeding therapist and then also SLP. She opened a world of communication with gestures and ACC device. LOVE HER!"

- Debbie R. 

Speech Therapy Reviews
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