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What to Expect

When you register for a parent/child workshop, you will be prompted to complete a short intake form. Before the workshop, Lauren will reach out for a quick phone consult and to discuss history, goals, and what to bring the day of the workshop. This workshop is capped at THREE parent/child pairs. 

Cost $50 per child 

Current clients receive $10 off. 

Reserve your spot below!

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Small Group Interest Form

If you are interested in any of the small groups offered through Balanced Beginnings, please fill out the contact form below. 

Small groups are speech language pathologist led, parent/child groups. Each group has a focus and is limited to 3 parent/child pairs per group. This allows for a more hands-on, individualized interactions and recommendations from the therapist. 

Current Group Offerings: 

Table Toppers Feeding Group

( Your child must be able to sit unsupported at a preschool size table) 

Booster Buddies Feeding Group

(Your child relies on a booster seat or high chair during meals) 

Puree Pals 

(Your child is transitioning away from the bottle/breastfeeding)

AAC Social Hour

First Words

Toddler Talk

The contact form allows us to form groups based on interest, skill, and age level. If interested, it is important that you fill out the form below. 

Kids in Daycare


I would like to stay up-to-date on small groups being offered!

Thanks for submitting!

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