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Skilled Interventions
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Getting Started

The first step in beginning your therapy journey with Balanced Beginnings is booking an evaluation that addresses the parents'/caregivers' concerns.

This can include: 

Speech and Language Concerns: 

Limited verbal expression, difficulty attending to speakers/tasks, social interactions, and any concerns relating to a developmental diagnosis. 

Pediatric Feeding Concerns:

Limited intake, difficulty transiting to various textures, choking/ gagging, failure to thrive concerns, concerns with breast/bottle feeding, oral/food aversions, transitioning to oral feeds from G-tube, and any developmental feeding concerns relating to a specific diagnosis. 

Once this is complete, the therapist will discuss the  recommended intervention plan and services can be scheduled through the online portal. 

If you are interested in pursuing augmentative alternative communication ( AAC), options and intervention can be discussed with your therapist at the evaluation or during your therapy session.  

Balanced Beginnings gladly accepts private pay, FSA, and HSA plans for payment. We are also a Medicaid Direct provider.

(Medicaid must be the primary payer as we do not bill private insurance companies)

*** Starting January 29th, 2024, a $40 travel fee will be added to session fee if your location is greater than 15 miles from Balanced Beginnings (will not travel more than 20 miles) . If you would like to reach out to schedule at an alternate location, please contact us. ***

At Balanced Beginnings, we do our best to create affordable rates that are often lower than the negotiated insurance rates that patients are often faced with when working to meet their deductible. When booking your appointment, please feel free to inquire and ask questions you may have regarding rates, invoices that can be provided for potential reimbursement, and therapy package rates.

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For initial evaluations, please contact Lauren at 919-213-0942.

You can also email her at

Ready to Begin?

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